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"Lives are worth more than things"

Scholarship Project

The Ruach Scholarship Project is a World Mobilization initiative in partnership with Thai authorities, which develops a preventive work against child sexual exploitation and abuse.


Was created to encourage and sponsor children and teenagers on their student journey, to assure them a successful, and bright future away from the risks of society.

Food Basket

The Food Basket project consists in the donation of food baskets, for elderly people and/or families in need, who do not receive help or care from other family members.


Many of these elderly people are at home taking care of their grandchildren or even great-grandchildren, left behind by their parents, due to different circumstances, putting these children at risk and vulnerable to human trafficking.

Training Center

According to our organizational goals, that stands to support children in need or under risk of all nature, we have got the Training Center Project that also makes part of our prevention program.


There, we offer a great learning opportunity for less favored children, we provide courses in the area of languages, music, arts, and tuition classes.

Home 1

To work in the restoration of children and women victims of violence is our main goal in Thailand. According to this goal and previews experience in other countries, we provide safe housing for girls victims of abuse or under extreme risk of human trafficking.

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